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Gift cards

Buy a gift card and treat someone you like with a great culinary experience.

Our gift cards can be delivered in two ways, a physical card to your mailbox or digitally directly to your email. You choose the amount yourself. If the gift card is a present for someone else, enter the recipient's address. You can also write a personal message.

Our gift cards are also valid at Natur, Totale, Salut, Brasserie Lavette and Kaifo.

If there are any questions or if you wish to buy several cards at the same time, please contact us, info@bord27.se or 031 - 10 90 50.


Haga Kyrkogata 14
41314 Göteborg

Phone 031-10 90 50
E-mail info@bord27.se

Opening hours

monday - friday from 17:00
saturday - sunday from 13:00


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